Bashing the refugees


June 20th 2016, was the World Refugee Day, where Pakistan, a country that in the past had been taking credit for hosting one of the biggest refugee populations for several years, decided to celebrate the day in a different fashion.The government of Pakistan decided to publicly and officially own the…

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State-sponsored mass killings, abuse and disappearances par for the course in Pakistan’s Baluchistan


Strasbourg (Alsace, France), June 9 (ANI): Participants attending an event in the European Parliament in strasbourg on the topic of “Pakistan’s Baluchistan: Its Human Rights Abuses” have claimed that state-sponsored mass killings, abuse and disappearances are par for the course in that region. Mr. Tarek Fatah, Executive Director, Baluchistan House,…

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The dangerous duality

The death of Taliban leader Akhtar Mansour in a US drone strike on May 21 in a remote part of Balochistan has dramatically underlined the terrorist challenge that Pakistan still faces, and of which Pakistan is still living in denial of, as the official response to the latest drone attack…

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