SAHR‬ held a regional consultation on the theme of “human rights, peace and security in South Asia – where are the women?”


The objective of consultation was to facilitate discussion among experts on the theme, review and analyse the political and other dimensions of the security crisis in the region and to make recommendations to ensure that gender perspective is fully reflected in the design of all national and regional initiatives bringing…

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SAHR Publication: “In Custody: Law, Impunity and Prisoner Abuse in South Asia” is available for purchase!

“In Custody: Law, Impunity and Prisoner Abuse in South Asia”  published by South Asians for Human Rights (SAHR) and SAGE Publications, India  can now be purchased online at  “In Custody examines the professed and actual commitment to custodial justice on the part of six South Asian countries. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,…

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Remembering Sithie Tiruchelvam

by Ambika Satkunanathan Writing a tribute to Sithie Tiruchelvam is not an easy task. Sithie was an intensely private person who was averse to public, over-the-top displays of emotion and sentimentality. I am aware that a piece that says little about her private persona could sound impersonal, even clinical. I…

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