Geostrategic vs. Geoeconomic


Obsession with the geostrategic has been deeply rooted in the ethos of the Pakistani state since its very inception. The survival instincts of a fragile new state probably necessitated it. But the geostrategic theories of the colonial ideologues also had an impact on the thinking of the ruling elites. British…

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FATA’s bleeding wound


News of bloodshed continuously keeps pouring in from the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA). Pashtuns from tribal areas are still in the eye of storm in the so called war on terror. They are still dying and they are still IDPs. There is no let up for them although the…

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Photo showing 2007 flooding across South Asia is by Anameofmyveryown under creativecommons license via Wikimedia Commons

What is keeping South Asia mired in a morass of poverty? Corruption, conflicts, religious extremism, flawed governance, environmental degradation, water issues, floods, earthquakes or absence of visionary leadership? That question agitated minds at a discussion hosted by the Universal Peace Federation and The Common grounds interfaith organization at The Washington…

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Transparency Maldives’ 2015 Maldives Democracy Survey points to a troubled future for democracy in the Maldives

A nationwide survey published by Transparency Maldives points to a continuing crisis of public confidence in key state institutions. Citizens are cynical about politics. They are also dissatisfied with the prevailing political and social order. The survey report, titled, A Troubled Future for Democracy, however, shows that a majority of…

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