SAHR Constitutional Objectives

SAHR is a voluntary, democratic, people’s organisation with the following main objectives:

  • To foster the concept of multiple South Asian identities by enabling people to realise their ideals and aspirations for peace, democracy, secularism and human security, while promoting pluralism in approaches towards social, political, economic and cultural development of different communities, ethnic, linguistic, religious and other groups;
  • Uniform enjoyment of human rights;
  • Realisation of gender equality and justice;
  • Strengthening regional interaction and mutual enrichment in the spheres of education, literature, culture and the arts;
  • Sharing experiences and developing platforms to assert the rights of labour and other working people, and to eliminate poverty and disparities;
  • Challenging all forms of communal and parochial prejudice, bigotry and violence;
  • Humane treatment to migrant workers and refugees and other vulnerable groups who often face discrimination;
  • To struggle collectively for the uniform realisation of the South Asia people’s right to participatory democracy, good governance and justice;
  • To review laws, practices, social and political trends and economic policies which adversely affect human rights and to suggest remedial measures;
  • To monitor and resist the violation of human rights by state authorities and non-state elements;
  • To oppose usurpation of people’s sovereign power and derogation of human rights by state terrorism, religious fanaticism, communalism, militarisation and nuclearisation, and to fight for a nuclear weapons-free South Asia as a step towards a world free of mass destruction;
  • To demand constitutional and legal guarantees necessary to usher in a just society consistent with international human rights norms;
  • To oppose customs whose practice in the name of the “community” or traditional “morality” creates hatred, prejudice and sectarianism; and to assert the primacy of reason, tolerance and mutual respect;
  • To advocate and work towards ensuring adherence to humanitarian norms in all conflict situations;
  • To encourage the building of peaceful border areas between and among the countries of the region without resorting to conflict and violence;
  • To resist and remove all forms of crime including traffic in women and children;
  • To maintain mutually beneficial relations with international agencies such as the UN and SAARC and to promote dialogue and mutual cooperation;
  • To campaign for a common strategy to protect the environment in the region and promote ecologically sound development.