Fact- Finding Mission to Nepal

SAHR will conduct a fact- finding mission to Nepal from 10 to 15 January 2016 with a focus on the vulnerability of landlocked countries. The mission is prompted by the ongoing unofficial trade blockade imposed by India in Nepal since 23 September 2015. The blockade came into being upon the promulgation of the new constitution in Nepal. The trade blockade has prevented the supply of petrol and other essential items such as medicine causing a severe humanitarian crisis in Nepal at present, where people have been struggling to recover from massive earth quakes.

The members of the Mission are Dr. Meghna Guharthakurta (Bangladesh), a prominent civil society activist and a researcher who heads Research Initiatives Bangladesh (RIB); Mr. Jatin Desai (India), SAHR Bureau Member, an activist and a journalist; Mr. Mohamed Latheef (the Maldives) , SAHR Bureau Member, a senior human rights activist and a former parliamentarian. Deekshya Illangasinghe will represent the SAHR Secretariat.

During the mission the members are expected to meet and hold discussions with the customs officers, security persons, civil society, local administrators, and journalists from Nepal and India at the selected entry points (Birgunj and Bhahirawa) and relevant ministerial officials in Kathmandu.

The mission aims to examine:

  1. Background to the present crisis and in particular: Nepal’s process of constitutional making in relation to inclusive participation of all communities
  2. India’s role in the constitutional making process in Nepal

Background Information to the Issue

Constitutional Making process

On landlocked countries

About the Humanitarian Crisis