Change of guard

The most glaring irony of the “federal, parliamentary democratic system” of Pakistan is that we congratulate ourselves when our elected assemblies complete their constitutional term (so far that has happened only once) and we also do the same when an army chief retires on the expiry of his tenure! Historically,…

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Kabul Declaration


South Asians for Human Rights and Afghan Women’s Education Center (AWEC) jointly organised a dialogue among the civil society representatives from Afghansitan, Pakistan and India on 28 and 29 November 2016 in Kabul.  The objective of the meeting was to identify the role of civil society groups particularly women’s groups…

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Shades of McCarthyism

MALICE and bravado, which have become the main ingredients of public discourse in Pakistan, now threaten to develop into a wave of persecution against whoever is considered to be on the wrong side of the all-powerful authorities. We recently went through a phase when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was lambasted…

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