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Impunity and Conflict

Concerns of impunity have been growing in the region as a result of internal conflicts associated with land disputes, ethnic tensions, and lack of political representation. In the context of war and conflict, government intervention in maintaining law and order is exercised using a military approach and the enactment of emergency laws that provide immunity of human rights. SAHR’s program to address impunity dealt with creating an ongoing dialogue on issues of impunity, and with developing and sustaining an effective lobby for change in laws, statutes and policies that promote impunity.

The Organization’s activities in this area included organizing consultations with stakeholders on issues relating to conflict, emergency laws, and counter-terrorism measures, reviewing torture reports, laws, policies and procedures, and developing national protocols for security forces.

  1. Emergency Regulations and Security Laws
  2. Regional Consultation on the Rule of Law Perspectives on Detention and Treatment of Detainees