2005 – 2008

During this period SAHR worked on the following two main themes:

  1. Strengthening Human Rights and Deepening Democracy:

The long term objective of the programme was to strengthen human rights and contribute to a more inclusive democracy within the South Asian region by providing regional mechanisms and solutions to the issues confronting human rights and democracy, and by facilitating regional inputs to the system.  Programmes included:

  • Consultation and advocacy on Bhutanese refugees
  • Commission on the Protection of Religious Minorities (SAPCROM) in 2005- 2006 to look into the issues of the minorities in the South Asian countries and to provide recommendations to governments and actions for regional civil society.
  • Fact- finding missions to
    • Nepal in 2005 to assess the human rights situation in light of the political development
    • Pakistan in 2005 on religious violence
    • Maldives in 2006
    • Sri Lanka in 2006 on minority rights
    • Pakistan in 2006 on the death penalty
    • India in 2006 in order to study the human rights standards adhered to in Indian prisons
    • Bangladesh in June 2006 to trace the incidence of bombs, grenades and other forms of violence perpetrated by extremist militants
    • Sri Lanka in 2007 on the situation of IDP
    • Baluchistan in 2007 to highlight the effects of the conflict between the Pakistan government and armed opposition groups with their framework of displacement and its impact on the lives of IDPs
  • Strengthening the democratic process in the Maldives 2005 – 2006
  • Public Lecture on Right to Information in December 2006.
  • Regional Consultations on Deepening Democracy, Strengthening Human Rights and Celebrating Diversity in Lahore in 2007
  • Monitoring the human rights situation annually
  • Rapid response alerts/appeals on human rights violations
  • Strengthening regional SAHR opinion on a regional level through influencing SAARC.
  • Study on custodial torture in South Asia
  • Peace Delegation to India and Pakistan following the terrorist attack in Novermber 2008
  1. Creating Just and Responsive States: Promoting Right to Transparent Governance and Inclusive Electoral Process in South Asia:

The overall objective of this programme was to celebrate diversity, strengthen human rights, and contribute to a more inclusive democracy within the South Asian region through transparent governance. Programmes included:

  • National and regional consultations on right to transparent governance and the set of recommendations that were drawn up has led to the Parliament Watch programme
  • Regional workshop of experts on inclusive electoral processes in South Asia which brought forward a set of recommendations and best practices in areas such as reform and conduct of elections, minorities, women and other marginalized groups and funding of poltical parties and campaign expenditure