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Why Police Brutality and Torture Are Endemic in India

Most Indians are familiar with highhanded behaviour of the police in the form of the cops slapping people or, if they are pretending to manage ...
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Will the Sialkot incident affect GSP Plus?

Ladies stripped and paraded, hundreds of rapes taped, a person burnt to death, but the business mill continues. While random unverified tweets claim that Pakistan’s ...
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To Best Utilise its Demographic Dividend, India Must Aim For Equitable Growth

In the 1990s, India liberalised its economy, paving the way for more private investment. For the next two decades, India grew at a rapid pace, ...
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Give Ceasefire a Chance

At the end of April, the United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMA) reported that over 500 civilians, including 150 children, were killed and injured since the US-Taliban deal ...
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